About the choir

Bee Geesus is a Slovenian gospel choir. Group of cheerful singers weave vocals in a harmonious, urban sound under the baton of a known A cappella artist Matej Virtič. They call their musical expression Gospel Fever; it is known for its energetic execution of spiritual music with a strong harmony and firm rhythm.

The choir remains always faithful to the original message of gospel music, which is no less important today than at the time when it meant a loud cry for personal freedom and hope for all oppressed. With an A cappella execution the Choir Bee Geesus feels especially close to the earliest form of the music, since the spiritual music in the beginning was exclusively vocal.

The diverse selection of songs is composed from traditional gospel arrangements, spirituals, modern music with a touch of jazz and related genres of music as well as pop. Bee Geesus, even in the area with a wide range of choral singing, many A cappella groups and a wide variety of Christian artists, offers a unique musical experience.