The choir consists of four vocal sections, soprano, alto, tenor and bass. As a rule, gospel choirs are composed of three higher voices, but they usually also involve complex instrumental accompaniment. As an A cappella choir we need, for a fuller harmony, a bass section and, occasionally, we form from the basic sections an additional male and female voice, baritone and mezzo-soprano.

The choir in its implementation includes soloists; solo bass and beatbox are responsible for more impact in the rhythmic accompaniment and are, if necessary, joined by the rest of the vocal ensemble.

Soprano is reaching for heights and is usually the lead vocal.

  • Ana Brumec
  • Anamarija Čuden
  • Doroteja Marija Novak
  • Eva Tomažin
  • Karmen Lavrinšek
  • Katarina Pangeršič
  • Ksenija Kokošin
  • Majda Vidic
  • Marina Bizjak
  • Mateja Juršević
  • Urška Glen
  • Zala Založnik

The lower woman's voice brings warmth and cares for roundness of harmony.

  • Ana Gombač
  • Andreja Šinkovec
  • Darja Matko
  • Helena Plešnik
  • Jana Obšteter
  • Maruša Mlekuž
  • Nataša Kramar
  • Patricija Virtič

Gospel choir needs a strong tenor section because it gives it a characteristic power.

  • Luka Bajt
  • Matej Zamrnik
  • Mateja Kunstek
  • Miha Rus
  • Primož Kotar
  • Primož Ribarič

Bass offers a harmonic base and, with an often separated rhythmic, creates a rich rhythmic environment.

  • Klemen Četina
  • Miha Obreza

When writing covers and performing them, the choir follows the guidelines of contemporary vocal music. This is best demonstrated by the inclusion of vocal play elements that do not only replace the instrumental accompaniment, but by the imitation of instruments also upgrade it - of course purely vocally.

Matej Virtič is one of the main actors of the fresh wave of vocal music in Slovenia. With his ensembles, he draws on variety of musical genres, but he performs gospel with a special passion from an early childhood. The origins date back to the church, where the three brothers Virtič often performed, but today as the leader of A cappella gospel choir Bee Geesus, bassist and beatboxer in a gospel quartet 4Given he is probably the most prominent representative of the spiritual music in the country. He carries out music workshops in which he mostly teaches beatbox and is a music producer for the biggest gospel project in Slovenia, Gospel d.d., a charity concert that includes all of the major performers of spiritual music. In addition to performing, artistic leadership and teaching Matej also creates original music and arranges a lot.